Money for your old age?

Most people have heard that joke about a mugger holding up someone, menacing the victim with a gun, and saying "Your money or your life!"

The victim thinks for a couple of seconds and replies "Take my life, I need my money for my old age!"

The absurdity of the victim's response is manifestly clear; yet many people give the same sort of response in their daily lives.

The quest for money has become a self-perpetuating cycle.  People are forever seeking more money, at the expense of their lives.  Friends, family - even one's own spiritual growth, relaxation, and peace of mind - all fall as victims to the unrelenting quest for money.  In a very real sense, people are saying "take my life, I need my money for my old age".

None of us know for sure if we will ever reach old age (or if the government will redefine old age to a still older age, for that matter).  Yet life as it is now, in the moment, is being sacrificed daily to that grail of money, hoping to spend it comfortably in that sometime future called "old age".

When and if you reach old age.. will you have any real life left to live, or will you have killed all that is worthwhile in yourself in your pursuit of money?

-Rev. John

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