These are stories, from various scriptures and other sources - including mine or friends' writings - which I find to be illustrative of important points.

"Your money or your life"
What is more important; what can you be sure of?
Art Thou That?
Why do people despise the homeless, the needy?  Maybe it's the same reason as the fear of death: the fear that one day you may too be like that..
Desert Pete
This is a folk song recorded by the Kingston Trio which relates the story of a person crossing the desert and finding a well - and a full bottle of water - just as he urgently needs to drink some water.
"Scrooge as a Role Model"
Everyone can change.  Can you change like he did?
Be Careful With Chain Letters
Some of those wonderful blessing and wise-saying chain letters contain a curse within them.  Do you really want to send that curse out, too, or just the blessings?
Recharging One's Batteries
When taking care of others remember to take care of oneself as well.
Condition Yellow - A Guide to Behavior?
A mandated NJ Judiciary training course may be in violation of Federal and State law, as well as spiritually harmful to those forced to take it.

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