Songs in this area are either adaptations written by myself,  songs I learned at camp, or other songs for which specific permission was obtained from Reclaiming practitioners and/or allies who composed the songs.

Title of song

This area of the page contains the credits for the song and the lyrics.


Bardic Lore for
Title of Song

This area of the page gives whatever lore and history is known.






This area of the page gives the Metrical Classification, the names and credits of source materials if any and if known, and links to MIDI files and printable music notation in either JPEG or PDF format (when possible, both for the Reclaiming music as well as for the source material, if any).

Another possibility (and included in this test version) is the use of the free NoteWorthy player to make it easy to follow along with the song.  Files for this option are noted with "Follow-Along" in the bottom area of the song page.

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