Ardena's home page

hi. welcome to my homepage. or something like that.  i used to be known on the 'net as "insanity", but that was really mainly a penet nick.  (if you don't know what penet was, just disregard the prior sentence anyway.)

i never do get around to organizing this, but hopefully i will one of these days.  

i used to be a toy manager at Wal*Mart, but now am safely doing systems analysis for the state of NJ.  well, at least i thought i was safe - now that i'm living on my own, i've taken a part-time gig at Sam's Club for some extra income.

toys. can -anyone- imagine me as a toys manager? and now I need to worry yet again about getting run over by a runaway pallet of Holiday Barbies...

My dill wafers are on this page.

I liked the TV show Millennium. maybe because it's apocalyptic, dealing with destruction and all that.  There is a newsgroup, and here's a site I found.

A memorial site to my mother

Click here for my highly scattered list of bookmarks.